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Left Brain or Right Brain Home Stagers

Posted on 25 November, 2017 at 15:10 Comments comments (74)

Transformations Grad on HGTV

Actually, it takes a little of both to be a successful stager/re-designer. Learn why here.

I am totally right-brain, through and through. Right-brains love color and they are not afraid to tackle Home Goods and Ikea. They can be messy but are spontaneous, fun-loving and able to visualize the color/style solution. They are patient and compassionate with emotional home sellers. They are not good time managers.

Thankfully, God gave me three left-brain friends. They have been a stabilizing force for me as this business grows and evolves. One of them recently organized my accessory storage space. It’s a beautiful thing.

My LB friends see a problem right away when it comes to balance and room arranging. They are good at creating order and calm in a space. De-cluttering is easy for them as they can visualize the result. They are organized, prepared and see the plan before it’s even on paper. They like scaling out a room on graph paper. The room rendering exercise in the staging class doesn’t intimidate them. They don’t deal as well with undecided, wishy-washy or emotional clients. And they are not as likely to enjoy creating visual marketing images.

Cassandra Crosby, a retired veteran of a left-brain career has enjoyed immense success as a stager and redesigner in Montgomery, AL. She questioned her ability to change gears and do something she loved. They just finished an HGTV designer showhouse. The program aired several weeks ago. Yay!

Her success proves that you can leave a totally serious corporate position and change direction completely. You can engage a different part of your brain, learn new skills and flourish in one of the fastest growing segments of the real estate industry. Cassandra, we are so proud of your success!!

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Becky Harmon, ASID